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    On School as a Space for Public Life
    FENG Jian-Jun
    Journal of East China Normal University(Educationa    2014, 32 (3): 38-48.  
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    The public life means that the interlinked and interactional common life shaped by people's participation in public affairs. As the subject of public life,citizenship is able to develop in public life. To cultivating citizens and citizenship,it is necessary not only to impart knowledge teaching through citizenship curriculum,but also to form character by practicing public lifet. Only by living a public life can real citizens be cultivated. According to the character of public life,schools can become crucial spaces of public life. Furthermore, schools should transform into public life space since the current schools lack of publicity. However,school public life should not imitate social public life. It is a kind of special public life which demonstrates its uniqueness as follows, firstschool public life is a kind of quasi public life,second, it is a kind of educational public life to cultivate students' publicity,and third it is a kind of good public life consciously constructed by teachers and students.
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