Journal of East China Normal University(Educational Sciences) ›› 2021, Vol. 39 ›› Issue (12): 42-58.doi: 10.16382/j.cnki.1000-5560.2021.12.004

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Factors Influencing Chinese Returnees’ Employment Quality: Empirical Analysis Based on Ordinal Logistic Regression and ISM Model

Yunyun Liu, Yinghua Ye   

  1. College of Education, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310028, China
  • Online:2021-12-01 Published:2021-11-23


With the “new generation returnees” of the post-80s and post-90s returning to China for development, their employment quality have attracted widespread attention. The paper takes socio-demographic background, education abroad, job search at home into account and analyzes how their contained factors affect Chinese returnees’ employment quality (objective side and subjective side). 203 Chinese returnees who returned to China within three years participated in this study and filled out a questionnaire. Based on ordinal logistic regression, the study found that return time, form of study abroad, area of study abroad, length of study abroad, degree, job search intensity, number of interviews, area of the working and sector type affect objective employment quality (i.e., average monthly income), while one child or not, degree, return time, form of study abroad, re-entry adaption, the time of getting the first job, number of interviews, number of offers, area of the working, sector type as well as objective employment quality affect subjective employment quality (i.e., job–person fit match, job satisfaction as well as turnover intention). In addition, by forming a multi-level directional relationship with Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM), the paper found that socio-demographic and part of the educational experience abroad play an underlying role in the employment quality model; educational outcome abroad (such as degree and re-entry adaption, etc.) are indirect factor at the middle level; job search at home is directly related to the quality of job employment. The results are analyzed and recommendations to promote high-quality job quality are made.

Key words: Chinese returnees, employment quality, job search, education abroad, Logistic- ISM